Great tasting, ultra-pure omega-3.

10 delicious flavoured liquids & softgels, with no fishy burp back! Contains EPA + DHA


Great tasting omega-3 with an extra serving of sunshine.

NutraSea+D packs a citrus punch! Full of EPA+DHA, with the added benefit of 1000 IU of vitamin D in every teaspoon.


For hearts and minds.

Omega-3 fatty acids are important for the maintenance of good health, but our bodies cannot produce them, so we have to get them through our diet or supplements. Our omega-3 products contain EPA and DHA – the beneficial forms of omega-3 used to help support a variety of health benefits like cardiovascular health, brain and cognitive function.


How much omega-3 are you getting?

Every teaspoon of NutraSea’s base formula contains 1250 mg of EPA+DHA.
You could achieve the same daily amount by consuming the following per week:

Our Highest Potency Omega-3

NutraSea hp delivers 1500 mg of EPA+ 500 mg of DHA for the maintenance of good health in one great-tasting, ultra pure serving.


Do the omega math!

When it comes to health benefits from omega-3, it’s the EPA+DHA that matter. Check the medicinal ingredients panel and make your choice based on the amount of EPA+DHA, not just total omega-3. It’s also worth looking at the serving size and figuring out the cost per milligram of EPA+DHA.

Quality in every teaspoon.

Proudly Canadian

Based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, we’ve built our reputation for premium quality through a commitment to taste, purity and sustainability.

Guaranteed Pure

Our Omega-3’s are PureCheck verified so that you can ensure quality in every product batch. Enter the lot number from the side of your bottle to check for yourself.


We’ve always believed what is good for the planet is good for us. Learn about the many ways we support sustainability in communities across Canada.

Quality Without Compromise

Nature's Way spends considerable resources ensuring quality is at the forefront of everything we do. It's our belief in doing the right thing.