Nature’s Way Canada is deeply committed to a healthy planet. We recognize the importance of managing our environmental impact and place sustainability as one of our core values. Our current initiatives help us recycle more, support communities and source sustainably. We strive to help people live their best lives using the gifts of nature.


Nature’s Way Canada is proud to have been awarded the 2020 Schwabe Global Corporate Social Responsibility Award for our work on behalf of the environment and communities across Canada. Our parent organization is headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, and is one of the oldest phytomedicine companies in Europe with a company history dating back over 150 years.

Today, the Schwabe Group operates businesses in all five continents across 17 countries with over 4,000 employees. Amongst the many great community and environmental success stories at Schwabe from around the world, our team at Nature’s Way Canada was recognized for our lasting commitment to the environment and awarded the CSR award for 2020. The examples described on this page are a great demonstration of this commitment in action.