Keeping the Kids Cold & Flu free

Keeping the Kids Cold & Flu free
It’s that time of year again. The cold weather is upon us and the kids are all together in one big building for 7 hours a day. The perfect breeding ground for germs. However, there are some great ways to keep the kids from having to battle cold and flu bugs.
Get their Z’s
Bedtime might be one of the most contentious times of day but the more they rest, the better their little bodies can fight off those germs. So, get them to bed as early as you can during the cold and flu season. Bribing them with an extra story can help.
Healthy Diet
It seems like a no-brainer but at this particular time of year, a healthy lunch is paramount. Sending the little ones off to school after a nutritious meal in the morning and with one for lunchtime is a great way to keep their immune system strong and ready for battle. Also, 
Cut Down On Sharing
This sounds like the complete opposite of what we teach our youngsters but for this period of time, sharing might not be caring. Sharing straws, cups, scarves, etc. can transfer germs quickly. So, if it goes around their face and mouth, remind them to keep it to themselves.
Having your child sick in bed is not only heartbreaking but it’s hard work too. And even though you’ve taken these preventative measures, a few germs may sneak through every now and then. If that’s the case, Nature’s Way has your little ones covered with our Sambucus Kids: elderberry syrup, with the added benefits of Echinacea and Propolis.