Cold and Flu Season has begun

Cold and Flu Season is here
The days are shorter and colder and everywhere you turn, germs are lurking. That’s right, cold and flu season has officially arrived. And aside from getting the shot, there are things you can do to ward off these seasonal maladies. So, sit back with a hot cup of green tea, wrap yourself in a blanket, and have a look at some ways to stay in tip top shape during these months.
Go Green (Tea)
As mentioned in the previous paragraph, a hot cup of green tea does wonders for the immune system. It’s full of antioxidants that help support good health and helps prevent cell damage. So, drink up, my friends. Just make sure it’s green tea.
Hit the Gym
Aside from just being a healthy way to live, exercise is a great way to keep the cold and flu bugs away. A quick workout in the morning, and maybe one after work, will keep the blood flowing and make you work up a good sweat, which actually helps to support your immune system.  Also, it’ll give you a chance to use that free bag they give you.
Scrub Up
At this time of year, it seems that everything is covered in germs. A simple touch of a doorknob or a pole on the bus or subway could lead to a couple of days in bed. So, the best thing to do is to wash your hands as often as you can. Also, carrying a bottle of hand sanitizer is a great way to not only prevent you from getting sick, but others as well.
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