Published on May 13, 2020

5 simple self-care tips for women

Whether it’s due to work or family commitments, the pressure of trying to do it all can be overwhelming. Read on to learn more about the importance of self-care and how to incorporate it into your routine so you can stay happy and healthy.

Why self-care matters

Caring for your mind and body is essential every single day, not just when you get sick. Eating well, reducing stress, exercising regularly and taking time-outs when you need them are all critical components of self-care that can help prevent stress and burnout from taking over.

That being said, in today's ‘always-on’ world, practicing self-care isn't always easy. Days fill up fast with commitments and oftentimes, the last person who gets taken care of is you.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to work self-care into your daily routine. Here are 5 ways to get started.

1. Press pause

Take at least 10 to 15 minutes a day to quiet your mind and decompress. Adding in a stress-busting activity can make this time even more rewarding. Some simple yoga stretches, a warm bath or sitting outside and observing the nature around you are all great ways to relieve stress and refocus your thoughts.

2. Eat consciously

Distracted eating makes it difficult to recognize your body’s natural hunger cues and can lead to bingeing. Taking the time to sit down and enjoy a healthy, distraction-free meal instead (i.e. no phone, TV or computer) can help you eat more mindfully. Fill your plate with healthy foods like fatty fish and leafy veggies and focus on seeing, smelling and savouring each bite.

3. Sleep well

Sleep can have a significant impact on the way you feel, both emotionally and physically. Ensure your bedroom is a conducive space for quality rest. Keeping it clear of electronics, using earplugs and room-darkening curtains are just a few simple ways to maintain greater control over the mental and physical comfort of your sleeping environment.

4. Move more

Getting in a daily activity is tough—no matter how motivated you are. That being said, fitting some physical activity into each day is essential for your mental and physical health. Look for ways to build exercise into your schedule naturally, whether that's walking around the block, doing an online fitness class or having a reoccurring yoga date with a friend.

5. Say “no”

Many of us are naturally inclined to say "yes" when coworkers or loved ones ask for our time or energy. But if you're already stretched thin, doing so can lead to burnout. Remember, every time you say "no" to an unnecessary request, you're also saying "yes" to yourself. You're clearing your schedule of distractions that clog your calendar and giving yourself more time to do what you truly want. Now, that's self-care!

Remember, if it’s important to you to take care of others, then you have to take care of yourself! The more you can set aside dedicated self-care time in your schedule, the healthier, happier and more productive you’ll be.

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