Picking plants for your office

Picking the plant that’s right for your office can mean many different things. They are all great for brightening up the space and improving air quality, but some have other benefits.
Jade is a low maintenance succulent that does not require frequent watering. Wondering if you can add some green to your basement office? Look no further than the Peace Lily. Along with being great at improving air quality, this lovely flowering green can flourish even in offices with minimal natural light.
Looking to add some defined spaces to your open office layout? Invest in some fast, tall growing Snake Plants to create natural dividers. These plants are a great alternative to drywall and are much nicer to look at.
A Gerbera Daisy next to the printer or copier won’t just make getting up from your desk a little prettier, but it will also make it healthier. Many printing systems emit a toxin called benzene and wouldn’t you know it, these daisies are especially good at filtering it out!
If your office is full of fabrics, it might be time to add a weeping fig or two to your space. These large plants are great for absorbing many of the pollutants, like dust mites and dirt, that are commonly found in spaces filled with carpeting or fabrics.
Who says all plants are looking for the sun? Grab a Fittonia and brighten up any fluorescently lit space, because that’s where these plants thrive. Their interesting leaf pattern will also double as a potential focal point for your office.
There are tons of plants out there that are perfect for your office. If you didn’t find something that fits your style, head to a local nursery and find the plant that’s right for you.