Myth Busters: Winter Health Edition

When it comes to your health, winter gets a bit of a bad rap. The truth is, some of the most common pieces of advice are just plain wrong. Read on to learn more about five winter health myths that need to get busted – for good.
Myth #1: Cold weather makes you sick
Despite being called a “cold,” chilly weather won’t make you catch one. It’s the germs you need to worry about – no matter what season it is. While it’s always important to protect yourself against extreme temperatures, cold weather alone doesn’t make you sick.
Myth #2: Exercising in the cold is bad
In reality, it’s quite the opposite. Exercising in the winter can help decrease your odds of getting sick and boost endorphin levels. And that’s not all. Studies have found race times are faster in colder weather, so you’re more likely to burn more calories.
Myth #3: Your allergies will go away
For many people, allergies can worsen in winter. Between pets spending more time indoors, poor air quality due to closed windows and higher rates of mould growth, it’s no surprise some people experience a spike in their environmental allergy symptoms. 
Myth #4: You don’t need to wear sunscreen
Just because you’re not basking in a bathing suit at the beach doesn’t mean your skin isn’t getting sun exposure. In reality, your skin needs UV ray protection every single day of the year – even the cloudy, chilly, winter ones. 
Myth #5: Less sun makes you depressed
While a lack of sunlight certainly doesn’t help, there are so many other factors at play other than SAD (season affective disorder) that can contribute to winter depression. For starters, the mix of heightened expectations, over-spending and lack of exercise during the holidays can do a number on your stress-levels and contribute to winter blues.