Fortify™ 30 Billion

Fortify™ 30 Billion probiotics are guaranteed to deliver 30 billion active cultures in every dose. Fortify™ Probiotic 30 Billion formulas are proudly verified Non-GMO.

Fortify™ Optima®
50 Billion

Fortify™ Optima® 50 Billion Probiotic formulas are guaranteed to deliver 50 billion active cultures in every dose.

Fortify™ Optima® 50 Billion probiotics are:

Perfect for pockets, purses and on-the-go people. No refrigeration required.

The perfect travel-friendly probiotic. Pop them right into your suitcase – no cold pack required.

Plant-based capsules designed to delay the release of the helpful probiotics.

Fortify™ Optima®100 Billion

Fortify™ Optima® 100 Billion Probiotic formula helps support gastrointestinal health and reduces the risk of developing upper-respiratory tract illness in physically active adults.